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A Photography course to help guide you in not only growing your business, but learning the foundations of a successful entrpreneurship. Embracing all types of light while finding efficient processes for a quick workflow and giving your clients space to open up, engage and document in a way that makes them feel seen.

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From start to finish, a behind the scenes session, editing to delivery.

Watch how I use minimal presets to edit true to color images while still making colors pop and keeping skin tones looking natural.

Finding your ideal client and marketing by season in order to set up your entire year for success!

From management systems, to calculating your year end goal. As well as 6 different lighting scenarios and their settings from one session. Follow behind the scenes on a a cloudy in-home session to observing more and directing less, Connect has it all!


Hear from 4 experts in their field to help properly start your business, keep it financially safe and how to grow as your work and business evolves.