Family FAQs

What should I expect?

You should expect to have fun; my goal is that this is the least stressful thing you do.

The more relaxed you are, the more natural and beautiful your photos will be. Don’t tell your kiddos to say cheese, let’s find the natural things that make them giggle and act as comfortable as possible Your family is unique and beautifully your own, don’t expect another family’s photos to look like yours, My goal is not to make perfect images, it’s to capture your family perfectly. I hope to show your family as you are, the goofy, silly, happy, sometimes tearful and I need my mom + dad cuddling family of yours.

What should I wear?

I change an average of 5000x before our family photos, so I get it!  Clothes are a reflection of who you are and the most important part of choosing your outfits is making sure you are comfortable, and represent yourself.  Mom, pick out your favorite outfit, and then go from there, compliment the outfits by mixing patterns and colors.

Avoid matching everyone’s outfits.

Adding Layers, like sweaters, scarves, belts, are a great idea to add dimension.  Try to avoid trendy items, shirts or hats with logos, characters, some things Pinterest might tell you to do.  Wear shoes you can chase your kids in, fall over, snuggle and be you in them.  If you read all this, go to your closet and realize it’s completely empty, here are some store suggestions!



Urban Outfitters


Free People


H + M

Target [Cat + Jack]




Banana Republic

J. Crew

What are my location options?

I always ask what you prefer, home, mountains, parks, city or studio.  We can then go from there.  I typically drive within 45 minutes of Denver for mountain views and we get some really gorgeous ones. Let me know when we chat and I can give you suggestions to get the best possible scenario for how you want your images to be created.

What should I bring?

You really do not need to bring anything besides your beautiful family; even though I get it, sometimes you want me to just photoshop them in without them ever being there. When I figure out how, I’ll let you know. You are welcome to bring a blanket that goes well with your outfits.  Snacks + water are always a good idea — who doesn’t love a good snack!  You are welcome to bring an activity that you do as a family, reading, bubbles, kite flying, etc. Things that will get you engaged as a family and bring out personality.

What if I want photos at my house but my home isn’t as picturesque as I see in others photos? 

Please do not think that, your home is yours and it’s important to show it off.  Here are some tips to help keep the focus on your family in your home. Please clean off nightstands and have beds made. Put a light colored comforter on your bed since a lot of photos are taken in the bedroom. Shoes and socks off to show your comfortability in your home {If you were thinking of getting  a pedicure, here’s your excuse!}  If you want to do s’mores, jump on the trampoline, play tag in the backyard, or cuddle in bed and read a story, that works great too!

Myself or my partner is awkward or hates being in front of the camera? Any Suggestions?

There are very minimal posed photos, the remainder is all extra, candid, fluff, be-who-you-truly-are beautiful fluff.

But really, we go. with. the. flow!

There is no order, rhyme or reason I’m there to capture your beautiful family as they are.  My main suggestion is play with your kids, chase them, tickle them, make them feel like I am not there and it’s just the two of you being you. I will give you prompts to bring out their silly, giggly, sweet, cuddly wonderful side of them that you know and hopefully that helps you relax too.

My child always smiles is always happy….and then we arrive and they are completely different, what then?

It happens, you arrive or open the door to your home and kiddo is having a meltdown.  It’s ok, we are going to play, and do whatever your little one needs to feel comfortable; even if that means no camera for 15 minutes and us just getting to know one another.

I’m a mom, I get it, don’t you dare apologize!

How long do we have together?

Sessions last around an hour, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter, I promise I will not let you leave unless I feel that we’ve gotten the best possible images that show you as a family.

What time of day will our session be?

We are much more flexible with in-home sessions, anytime there is light coming into the home allows us to shoot then.  Outdoor sessions are best done at sunset, typically starting 1 1/2- 2 hrs before the sun will set wherever we are, mountains a little earlier than central Denver.

When will we receive our images?

Your images will be returned within 2-3 weeks after our session takes place, it gives me time to go through the beauty and edit them to perfection.

Do you give black and white?

When I started photography in high school I only did black and white film and I think there’s always a spot in my heart for images being in black and white.  That being said, the majority are in color, some are just in black and white and some in both.  If you decide to frame a series and need one transferred either way, I can do that for you!