day in the life

Every day in your life as parents you are a rockstar. I can guarantee you don’t know how awesome you are and just how much happens that is absolute perfection. Forget the complimentary outfits and posed images, let’s capture your real amazing family.  The potty training, messy eating, tears, diaper dancing, battle of the clothes and everything in between. I’m willing to bet everyday you realize just how precious these moments with your little ones are and wish you could freeze time.  Sure, blowing someone else’s nose or wiping bottoms isn’t your favorite thing but it’s only a phase {i’m learning this with my little one, like sleep, who actually needs that?}


These Day in the Life Sessions are offered include coming to your home when you are getting ready for work amongst the chaos and craziness or at the end of the day when life starts to settle in, dinner is made, pjs are on and stories are going to be read while cuddled in your arms.  We can even take an adventure together, let’s go to get ice cream or on a hike or a picnic in your backyard.  Take a moment to remember the smallest of moments in the biggest ways.  I want you to feel how incredible your life really is from the outside looking in.
These sessions are intimate, raw, real, truthful and your own in order to remember the crazy, fun, sad, hilarious, exhausting and exciting times!