day in the life

Everyday as parents you are a rockstar. I can guarantee you don’t know how awesome you are and just how much happens that is absolute perfection. Forget the complimentary outfits and posed images, let’s capture your real amazing family.  The potty training, messy eating, tears, diaper dancing, battle of the clothes and everything in between. I’m willing to bet everyday you realize just how precious these moments with your little ones are and wish you could freeze time.  Sure, blowing someone else’s nose or wiping bottoms isn’t your favorite thing but it’s only a phase {i’m learning this with my little one, like sleep, who actually needs that?}


These Day in the Life Sessions are offered from 4 hours include coming to your home when you are getting ready for work amongst the chaos and craziness or at the end of the day when life starts to settle in, dinner is made, pjs are on and stories are going to be read while cuddled in your arms.  We can even take an adventure together, let’s go to the zoo or on a hike or a picnic in your backyard.  Let’s take a moment to remember the smallest of moments in the biggest ways.  I want you to feel how incredible your life really is from the outside looking in.
These sessions are intimate, raw, real, truthful and your own in order to remember the crazy, fun, sad, hilarious, exhausting and exciting times!


When I saw the photos from my day-in-the-life session with Talia, I was amazed. The photos are so beautiful and capture the everyday mother-daughter moments that are simple yet very precious. She has preserved moments that otherwise get lost in the busyness of our day. Talia has a gift for not only taking beautiful images, but for seeing the intimacy and love and reality of an individual family. Having her follow us around as we went through our routine was far easier than I thought–her presence is warm and easy-going and not at all intrusive–and the results are stunning: the sort of images I couldn’t get from a typical dressed-up and posed session. I love that now I have both types of photos, and I can’t wait to do another day-in-the-life session when my daughter is older.


Hi Talia, I just want to say a huge thanks for the lifestyle photo shoot! It was a perfect encapsulation of time for our family and I expect it to bring back many more memories of this time in our family’s life than a posed portrait would. The video you made for us brought tears to my eyes and I can only imagine the wet mess it will make of me when we no longer have little ones around the house. Thanks again, you’re the best!


I have had the pleasure of working with Talia three times now. Newborn sessions for both children; 1 in studio and 1 at home. We recently had Talia over to photograph our family in a new way… completely natural, at home, raw. No staging or lights, the simple capturing of us as we are. Talia has an unbelievable talent for translating memories, real life beautiful moments, into photograph. She’s captured the simplicity of me dancing with my children, daddy giving them a bath and the wild emotional rides of a 2 and 1-year-old and turned it into art. There is something uniquely wonderful about the manner in which she photographs that upon seeing the image, the memory comes to life and I’m right back there in that moment. Her work is striking and emotional and honest and will serve as a beautiful keepsake for the rest of my life. It was so EASY to prepare for and without a doubt, will go down as the most important keepsake we have as a family. I want to do exactly this shoot many times over in the next years+.