Denver Photographer :: Two under two

Sure, I’ve thought about just having another little one, why not, you’ve done it once and I TOTALLY get why people have children close together; but me personally I do not think I’m strong or selfless enough.  But then there’s Alexis, although she may be skeptical, she is going to rock this! She is so laid back and relaxed that living in the mountains and taking it easy with 2 little ones sounds beautiful and manageable.  I cannot wait to meet this new little babe and know that their family is ready, because ready or not here comes number 2.


“Two under two…
We are doing it! I wish I could say I am mentally, physically, socially, and any other way ready – but no. I wish I could say I’m calm & prepared – but no. Don’t get me wrong, I have diapers, wipes, & burp clothes about every 30 feet all over our house! I’ve read blogs & got sucked into too many ‘How do I survived 2 under 2’ articles on Pinterest. We are as ready as we are going to get. But it’s different this time around. Instead of focusing on the baby, like I did the first time around, I’m focused on how do I include my first born & try not to piss him off by rocking his world. I love my husband & all, but as a stay at home mom my son is my best friend. Fact. We do everything together! I’m just hoping he likes me half as much as I love him. Thankfully my husband is the calm, cool, and collected one. He calmly states how we can do this & we’ll figure it out, like we did the first time around. I believe him, most of the time, either way it’s nice to hear.”