Katie + Brad :: Baldoria on the Water :: September 10, 2017

When you meet two people that clearly cannot help smile every moment they are together, then you know that they were meant to be. Katie + Brad were non-stop glowing their entire wedding day. These two made sure everyone was taken care of, their hearts are so big and just want to ensure everyone was happy and enjoying their wedding with them. There is no doubt that during a wedding day things can get a little crazy, but everything was smooth sailing and everyone on this gorgeous September day was incredibly wonderful, thoughtful and supportive. You could just feel the love and tell that each relative, friend and guest truly believed in what they were witnessing. I am so grateful to be invited to be apart of these amazing weddings and absolutely love documenting these joyous moments that you will look back on for years to come. Congratulations Katie + Brad, here’s to many, many more years of bliss!

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Maddy + Jeremy Bukaty :: 9.17.16 :: Della Terra

I LOVE Estes Park.

When you ask why I moved to Colorado, my answer will always be Estes! Any excuse to get to go see those gorgeous mountains I will take, and to photograph an insanely beautiful wedding is the perfect one for me.

Maddy + Jeremy hosted a stunning wedding at Della Terra; where the guests sit on stadium stone seating to join these two lovebirds and tie Polish + Jewish heritage together to become Mr. + Mrs.  Their union was lovely, their connection is to never be tested.
From Maddy’s dress {O. M. G. I’m obsessed} to the way her sisters and mom would just hold each others hands throughout the day to Maddy + Jeremy’s first look on their big day filled with teary eyes and jittery emotions, it was amazing.  To be able to witness two people that share so many friends + family eager to jump at the opportunity to drive out to the mountains and watch these two start their journey was just perfect.  I am grateful every time I am invited to be the one to document the day to help remind you how you started on your first day as a married couple.

Happiest of days and may only the best be ahead!

Congratulations again and always Maddy + Jeremy!


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