Denver Photographer :: Two under two

Sure, I’ve thought about just having another little one, why not, you’ve done it once and I TOTALLY get why people have children close together; but me personally I do not think I’m strong or selfless enough.  But then there’s Alexis, although she may be skeptical, she is going to rock this! She is so laid back and relaxed that living in the mountains and taking it easy with 2 little ones sounds beautiful and manageable.  I cannot wait to meet this new little babe and know that their family is ready, because ready or not here comes number 2.


“Two under two…
We are doing it! I wish I could say I am mentally, physically, socially, and any other way ready – but no. I wish I could say I’m calm & prepared – but no. Don’t get me wrong, I have diapers, wipes, & burp clothes about every 30 feet all over our house! I’ve read blogs & got sucked into too many ‘How do I survived 2 under 2’ articles on Pinterest. We are as ready as we are going to get. But it’s different this time around. Instead of focusing on the baby, like I did the first time around, I’m focused on how do I include my first born & try not to piss him off by rocking his world. I love my husband & all, but as a stay at home mom my son is my best friend. Fact. We do everything together! I’m just hoping he likes me half as much as I love him. Thankfully my husband is the calm, cool, and collected one. He calmly states how we can do this & we’ll figure it out, like we did the first time around. I believe him, most of the time, either way it’s nice to hear.”


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Denver Studio Maternity Photographer: Simmons Family

If I look half this good at 8 months pregnant, sign me up for bare belly photos too!
These 3, soon to be 4 are so wonderful.
We did a session in my studio that was a little different that what I typically do, and it turned out perfect.
It’s always great when clients have their vision for what they are wanting and Deja had exactly that and I am happy to deliver exactly that!
I am so looking forward to meeting baby girl #2 in just a couple of weeks!
<3 augustblog-81









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Denver Maternity Photographer: Ryder Twins Maternity!

When you have 2 gorgeous parents to be and 2 baby girls on the way, there is nothing but joy in the air!

These two are seriously so happy to be bringing these girls into their world and I cannot wait to meet them.
I love the simplicity of these outfits and adding in cute little props to make them pop!

That hat is gorgeous + you two are so cute together!

Only a few more weeks until babies are due – meet you soon Charlotte + Penelope 🙂









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Denver Maternity Photographer: Maglischo Family

I met this amazing family through friends of ours! Julie is friends with Laura who’s married to Jake who went to school in St. Louis with my husband.
got it?
So with an unexpected blessing on the way, a little boy, they are so overjoyed by this surprise!
We went out in their backyard in Arvada.. yeah this is their backyard.
How gorgeous! We had a little rain, but it ended up being perfect and Ms. Ali is just about the cutest thing there ever was.
I am in <3 with those facial expressions and can't wait to see how excited she is to meet her new baby brother! SO Looking forward to meeting him as well! augustblog-15







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Colorado Maternity Photographer: McCarter

Holy Magoly {this is a word}!
When you put two people together in a gorgeous location and then add an exciting bundle of joy to be welcomed soon- you get this amazing combination! Also it helps when your couple is hilariously funny and keeps you laughing the entire session!

**you may notice an entire blooper collection of photos

These two moved from the Southeast a few years ago and it was so wonderful to capture them in their new state!
I mean where else do you get these unbelievable views.

I cannot wait to meet this little one and see what fabulous parents you become! I’m sure there is never a dull moment in your home and I’m sure it will continue as your family grows!

Until next time

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Denver Maternity Photographer: Lisa + Corey

There seem to be a lot of babies on the way, so watch out Denver!
This couple was so wonderful + sweet and put up with a very warm day.

There was… dare I say it… humidity.
I know, you Coloradans aren’t used to it, although it gave me a breath of my past 🙂
We headed up to Red Rocks for the evening and walked around.
We waited for some clouds for some shot.
sat on some rocks.
sweated. you know.

Then right when we were about to leave we turned the corner and there was this beaming light calling our name!
We stopped over and finished up with that gorgeous light with some gorgeous parents to be!

Looking forward to meeting ms. Emma in the next few weeks and wish you all the best as you prepare!!

until next time ~ <3







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Denver Maternity Photographer: Baby boy #3

When Heather called me months ago to schedule her maternity session we had the date set, end of May, since it will be warm and sunny and we can do inside studio shots and then go to Daniels Park and capture the sunset….

Two days before our session it started with the crazy hail and thunderstorms in the middle of the day.
So we thought by the 3rd day it would continue it’s streak.
It didn’t start raining, oh wait no, Tornado-ing until 1 hour before our session.
We decided to stay inside.
It ended up being a lot of fun to get creative and have their other two boys there to incorporate into the session.
The studio had a dark cast into, which ended up providing us with tons of great shadows and nice lighting!

Some things happen for a reason and I’m glad that we got all of these shots!
See you soon baby boy!!








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Colorado Maternity Photographer: Kim + Travis

When you put 2 beautiful people in a gorgeous home and amazing lighting, you end up with an awesome session!
While Kim + Travis don’t live far from this home, this was actually Kim’s parents place.
They were out of town so we took over an afternoon.
Not only did we have an awesome session inside, we went outside which looks over the entire front range- absolutely STUNNING!
I can tell these two are so ready and excited to welcome baby Madison into the world in just a few short months.
So lucky to have met this wonderful family and capture this momentous time in their life!

<3 Enjoy <3 January-18









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Denver Maternity Photographer: Baby Girl or Boy?

Everyone says it’s a girl.
I haven’t been wrong yet in my guessing, but I’m going to go with girl as well– I photographed what seemed to be a lot of boys last year, bring on the girly girls!!
I met Dawn + Brett through my sister who has a whole lot of college friends out here.
There is a large group of University of Iowa fans living out here– who knew?
Although I’m sure everyone from the Midwest that made the smart decision to move West is very happy to be at the higher end of the 80 degree difference!
While we had plans to do photos over the weekend the weather decided to take a chilly turn and we waited until the nice warm 40s rolled around <--never thought I'd say that! These were taken in Golden at the Historical Museum and it turned out great! Lots of awesome buildings and a beautiful path that runs alongside the river and of course a glowing mom and dad to be to top it all off! I can tell just how excited they are to welcome this baby into their home in just a couple short months and I cannot wait to meet him/her! Best of luck to you both--what an exciting way to start off the new year! forkner-1










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Denver Maternity Photographer: Heather + Mike

I know.
This couple is gorgeous.
I also know, she is all belly!
Enough said?
Ok, maybe not, they were the sweetest couple who are clearly SO in love and ready to bring beautiful baby girl into the world in just a few short months.
When you meet a couple that is this calm, and happy you just know that this baby is only going to enhance that.
The two of them together was simply perfect.
We started photographs in their home and then moved on to Littleton Manor House- which I hadn’t known I suggested but didn’t realized that they had also gotten married there not too long ago.
It turned out to mean so much more.
Also…it was freeeeezing!
But Heather was a trooper to show off that belly and go coatless for a few photos.
I don’t think we could have asked for a more perfect day–maybe warmer, but nonetheless perfect!
Happy pregnancy and can’t wait to meet this baby girl!










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