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Denver Couples Photographer: Chicago Edition :)

Meet Vicki, Meet Jeff.
Vicki + I met freshman year of college on the 5th floor of Hewett Hall in Normal, IL {Yes I went to school in a town called Normal} and the rest is history. We ended up being roommates for the next 3 years together and are the best of friends! It can always be hard to stay in touch with friends when you move across the country, although Vicki and I talk all the time and when we see each other it’s like we never miss a beat.

Anyway, fast forward to this past trip to Chicago and I had the absolute pleasure of photographing them in their hometown of Wilmington!
I was so excited to get to incorporate some video into this as well and use the song they walked down the aisle to on their wedding day.

It is seriously always awesome to get to spend the day with these two and just laugh and catch up!
Love you two!!!!
Now only 2 months until you come and visit Colorado!
much love <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9EsvSWhgMs&index=14&list=PLUeJpqY98Ub3IiFKEjEPR8hLs95tlbl4W Mayblog-52






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Denver Engagement Photographer: Chicago Edition :)

If you know me, you know I’m from Chicago.

Chicago is a beautiful place, especially in the spring, and the fall… not so much those other two seasons.  It had been beautiful for a short while in Chicago before I flew in, and then the night of this session it was a tad cold… ok it was freezing!!

I like to plan sessions when I go home, so I luckily got to photograph Kat + Byron.  Kat and my husband went to Chiropractic school and we got to connect where she lives now, in my hometown 🙂 We met at the bean and traveled around the downtown area. They were very easy going and went with the flow, especially with how cold it was.  We obviously incorporated the coats, which is fitting since their wedding is next February.

Congratulations Kat + Byron – it was so wonderful to meet you and capture this fabulous time in your lives!

Thank you for including me in this!

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Colorado Wedding Photographer: Kalie + Kevin Engagement

How do I start this?
Let’s start from the very beginning.
I met these two through a wedding planner/friend of mine.
We started our meeting off with a beer {mmm yum} and also learning about their love for one another.
We talked about how they met, where they live, where their wedding is and tons of details.
Oh and did I forget to mention, they weren’t even engaged! Kevin gave Kalie the go ahead to start wedding planning. I don’t know if you know this about me, but I LOVE organizing and ORGANIZED people. Makes my heart happy 🙂
Kalie and Kevin have a vision of their future and they didn’t need that stereotypical order, they knew they were meant to be married and a ring wasn’t going to change that! Of course they were going to and are engaged, but they went ahead and started their planning process.
We waited to do their engagement photos until after Kevin popped the question.
These were taken at the Golden Railroad Museum— did you know there is a Golden Railroad Museum–well there is and it’s really cool!
We also went to the Historical Museum in Golden and took advantage of that beautiful “golden” hour {pun intended}
Alas I will end this and just say I cannot wait for the wedding–until then- Happy days Kalie + Kevin!














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Colorado Engagement Photographer: Kendall + Robert

Holy Cow! Love these two already! You know when you meet some people and have an instant connection.
Well I knew when I met Kendall and Robert we would get along very well.
These two have been together for 11, ELEVEN years and are now getting married.
We set up their engagement session to go out to Buck Snort saloon and if you are from Colorado you apparently know what this is– me, no idea!
Unfortunately our little Saloon was closed- womp womp- so we took advantage of the GORGEOUS scenery around and then traveled to Morrison and took some photographs in a bar! The locals LOVED it and so did I.
It was such a fun afternoon and these two are clearly so in love and could not get enough of one another- they have a blast together, and that is the most important thing in a marriage. If you are having fun, you are doing it all right!
I CANNOT wait for their wedding this year to celebrate their love and marriage in Colorado Springs!

Enjoy <3










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Colorado Engagement Photographer: Denver Proposal

I never thought I would be getting the chance to be photographing so many proposals, but I’m loving it!
Erik and Tiffany recently moved from St. Louis, so we had lots to talk about!
Of course none of that matters when you have a proposal on hand.
Erik’s plan consisted of going to dinner where they had their first night out in Denver then they would go on a carriage ride and stop right after 16th street, downtown and Erik would get down on one knee and pop the question.
It was beautiful and Tiffany was definitely surprised.
We walked around downtown for a little bit and grabbed a few more photos, such a fun and chilly night and lucky I was able to be a part of this amazing moment!

Congratulations you two!!






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Denver Couples Photographer: Emma + Dustin

You know when you just want to take updated photos of you and your husband because you are just so in love?
Well Emma + Dustin do!
They are super cute and beyond stylish.
They both just have that look, that unbelievably photogenic look.
We spent the afternoon at Riverfront park — this park literally has so many amazing options for photos- walls, bridges, parks, city, a little bit of a mountain view.
Anyway, we had so much fun chatting and playing and capturing their love for one another.
It was an easy session when two people are so head over heels with one another.
Next year? same time? See you two then!
















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Colorado Engagement Photographer: Surprise Proposal

While most proposals are a total surprise, this one was extra special.
You see, Jonathan works with my dad, my father-in-law, and two of my brother-in-laws back in Chicago–they all forced him to call me when he decided he was going to propose in Vail this past weekend.
Him and his now fiance, Nicole, were headed out for a weekend of skiing, wedding festivities for a friend and a nice fancy dinner at Beano’s Cabin.
In case you don’t know what Beano’s cabin is, well it’s fancy, shmancy and on top of a mountain, AND you have to take a snowcat up to get to it.
I dragged my husband up there with me to hold a flash in this extremely dark atmosphere–it was so peaceful and beautiful.
Nicole was SO surprised, I think she might still be shaking and out of breath. While she knew a proposal was in their future, she didn’t think it was so close to after dinner.
Jonathan had ice sculptures created with their initials and luckily Nicole never saw them until he brought her over, got down on one knee and popped the question!
It was so romantic and we were so lucky to be a part of it!
Have a beautiful engagement and best of luck with your wedding plans!


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Denver Engagement Photographer: J + E Proposal

When Jed told me he would be visiting Denver and wanted his proposal photographed.
two things came to mind.
I will admit it was my first proposal 😉
I was so excited to get to be a part of this moment.
Jed + Erika came in from the Philippines for a family vacation, and what better time to do photos than in the most beautiful state in the country?
So on a Monday, at 11pm {you night owls, I am usually well into my sleep by then} we set out to take photos.
By We I mean I dragged my husband along!
We had to talk in code over the phone, at this point I am so nervous.
I’ve never been a paparazzi before, but this was my chance.
I knew I had 30 seconds to get THE moment, and thank goodness for good cameras that work in low light, no need for a flash–less noticeable for Erika who had no idea what was going on. For all she knows I’m just stalking and photographing the two of them!
Well anyway it alllll worked out, except for the whole part where Jed dropped the ring–but I promised I wouldn’t mention that… it’s ok it makes a great story Jed!
We walked around for a little while afterwards and got some photos of the two of them in their blissful moments.
You two are so great together, from just the short time that I met you.
And Erika if you have a guy that is so serious about you, he wants physical proof from photos of the proposal, you know he’s a great guy!

Congratulations, you two! Happy Wedding Planning 🙂 I am available for a trip to the Philippines…just saying.










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Denver Engagement Photographer: Aaron + Brittany

Meet Aaron.
Meet Brittany.
We met Aaron in St. Louis, while he went to Chiropractic school with Noel. So… meet Dr. Armetta!
Literally from the moment I met Aaron, I knew his desire was to get married and have a beautiful family.
So happy to be witnessing this.
we knew when Aaron met the ONE. it would not. take. long.
and Sure enough it didn’t!
Brittany is a perfect compliment to Aaron- their love is so evident.
I was so happy when they asked me to photograph their engagement session.
and even happier that it happened to be when we were in Chicago for the weekend.
This was a great shoot with gorgeous subjects.
We are counting down the days until we dance at your wedding.
Noel is already practicing his moves!
Love you both and see you again in Chicago!













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Denver Engagement Photographer: Tyler + Jen

Meet Tyler.
Meet Jen.
This post could take a while.
Noel {my hubby} met Tyler the first week of College.
all I would hear about on the phone was you have to meet this guy Tyler.
OK, now I know, he’s wonderful.
They have been truly best friends now for 5 years. I used to get calls from Noel and he would say, “sorry I meant to call Tyler” and hang up.
They literally talk…every week.
Tyler + Noel I think could have an engagement shoot together, but Noel ended up with me, so we had to find someone else for Tyler.
Tyler + Jen are absolutely perfect together, they get each other-{they get our humor}
During one of our weekly chats with Tyler– yes we speaker talk him–I asked if he was going to propose.
Luckily he said…”yes, this Saturday.” And when we got that call moments after they were engaged we were SO EXCITED!!
These two are wonderful friends and we are honestly so lucky to have them in our lives.
We CANNOT wait to party at your wedding.
Thank you for letting me capture the love between you two–it wasn’t difficult.
until next time.
{or until Noel calls you this week}
we will miss you and see you soon!













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