Baby Casey :: Denver Studio Newborn Photographer

You know who’s a champ? This family! Remember that snow storm we got in January, well they trucked out in it for photos. I never blame someone for backing out due to horrendous weather, but not them, uh uh, no way.
I’m so grateful they made it over so I could meet this chunky little guy! I mean look at the muscles on this baby!
His big brother, Ian is incredibly loving on him and has one of the biggest smiles I have ever gotten from a little guy by sometimes doing nothing at all! ha! I’m sure they are going to be fast friends and stir up plenty of trouble together. But until then, we will just keep photographing their sweet innocence.
I believe that to be a huge part of photos for parents, remembering these times so you can look back when sometimes your kids aren’t acting exactly as you taught them 😉